About the Journal

Focus and Scope

The concept of the Journal is to provide a broad and unified platform for revealing and spreading the economics and management research. It attempts to bridge the gap between the theory and practice in different sections of economics and management. The Journal also seeks to maintain the connection between science, studies and business by integrating the research results and feedback from business for the improvement of the study process. The trends of economics and management education, which must go hand in hand with the progress of research in these fields, are the topics of the Journal as well.

Peer Review Process

Articles are submitted to the Editorial Board through the OJS (Open Journal System). The Editorial Board of the Journal performs a preliminary evaluation of the articles and rejects those articles that are not within the scope of topics that the Journal covers. Only those articles that pass the preliminary selection are presented for peer reviewing. The article presented for the publication in the Journal is reviewed by two scientists (reviewers) appointed by the chief editor. The appointment of the reviewers is a confidential procedure; double blind reviewing is done (the reviewers do not know who the authors of the reviewed article are and the authors do not know who reviewed the presented article. If the presented article deals with an interdisciplinary scientific problem, one of the reviews should be done by a scientist of the borderland science area or trend. After reviewing, depending on the nature of comments, the article may be returned to the authors for corrections. Request for article corrections does not guarantee that the corrected article will be accepted for publication. Depending on the number of comments made by the reviewers, the authors are given time – from 2 weeks to 6 months counting from the day the article was sent back to the author – to make corrections of the article. The authors must correct the article taking into consideration the comments made in the review or present a motivated explanation why it was not corrected according to the corresponding comment. Articles corrected after the reviewing are submitted to the Editorial Board of the Journal through OJS, including a written reply to the reviewers about the corrections that were made. The final decision concerning the publication of the article or the appointment of an additional reviewer is taken by the Chief Editor (or Editorial Board when the Chief Editor calls for hearing of a disputed issue associated with the submitted article) after taking into consideration the recommendations of the reviewers and corrections made by the author. After the reviews of individual articles are received, the meeting of the Editorial Board is called to discuss the compilation of the individual issue of the Journal as well as the accepted and rejected articles.

Publication Frequency

4 issues per year (issued quarterly)

Open Access Policy

Information published in the Journal may be used in other websites and traditional media, and distributed for non-commercial purposes. The journal Economics and Management - Ekonomika ir vadyba“ must be acknowledged as the source.

Journal History

The journal Economics and Management has been published at Kaunas University of Technology since 1996. The form, structure, and content have been changed for several times. At the beginning the journal has been published as conference proceedings. Since 2008 Economics and Management was launched as an annual periodical journal. Since 2012 the journal is published quarterly.