Eugenijus Bagdonas, Irena Patasiene, Vytautas Skvernys, Martynas Patasius


Business game “Hard nut” has already been used for about ten years in various formal studies for preparation of business specialists and informal studies for introducing business basics to the participants. The goal of the game is to make production and sales decisions while taking account of market and financial situation. The game simulates the activities of the enterprises in about 5 periods. The longitudal survey has shown that most of the players would prefer the game of higher complexity that would simulate the inner and outer environment of the firm in a more realistic fashion. The architecture of the game allows constructing the teaching tool from distinct parts. The spectrum of applications requires universality and flexibility of the product. That can be achieved using the modifications of the business game. The paper describes a linear model of the production management that can be used to tech the senior students.

Depending upon the preparation level and interests of the students different schemas of modification of business game.


business game; simulation of economic processes; inventory management; distance learning.

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Print ISSN: 1822-6515
Online ISSN: 2029-9338