Diana Bagdonienė, Auksė Galbuogienė, Eimenė Paulavicienė


The movement of sustainable development is covering bigger and bigger amount of problems, and the sustainability, sustainable development (it obliges the organizations to change their behavior regarding the stakeholders) and various sustainability strategies implemented on various levels are discussed on the global level. The long-term success of the organizations depends on their ability to integrate into the environment in the sustainable way, to feel the demands of the stakeholders, and to implement the sustainable activity. The conception of sustainability is an integral part of the TQM evolution. The conception of the sustainability and balance itself implies the ability of the organization to adopt the best experience, achieve and maintain the competitive advantages. Besides, the strategic management of organization stresses the attempt of the organizations to harmonize their activity and be sustainable.

The article attempts to form the conception of sustainable organization on the basis of total quality management, while generalizing the scientific works in this area. The sustainability of organization covers such scientific disciplines as economics, management, sociology, business ethics, theory of social contract and at the same time includes such conceptions as sustainable development, social responsibility of the organizations, theory of stakeholders and accountability theory of the organizations. The scientific works mention a lot of tools, strategies, models and conceptions meant for organizations, which they are encourages applying in order to achieve sustainability. However, the attitude that forms the general view of the sustainable organization is lacking.

The article was prepared, following the systemic and comparative analysis of the scientific literature and insights of the authors while making the assumptions that it could be difficult for the organizations to define the sustainability, joining of initiatives of sustainable development, sustainable business or sustainable organization. The article forms the conception of sustainable organization that allows endeavoring for sustainability in the organization on the basis of total quality management. The purpose of the article is to form the conception of sustainable organization on the basis of total quality management.


sustainability; sustainable development; sustainable organization; total quality management; corporate (social) responsibility.

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