Robertas Jucevičius, Julija Ilonienė


In this article authors are identifying the intelligent organization management competencies, circumstanced by deep global changes and crisis period in politics and economic aeries.

The aim of the article is to recognize the organization which is retransforming because of knowledge economy and how important is to create the system to manage the information and knowledge in organization. This organization is identified as intelligent organization, which must to get the competencies providing to successful competition and to make a strong lodgement in global market. Intelligent organization is identified as organization able to create and implant innovations, to achieve, recode, integrate, diffuse and use information and knowledge in organization, to change and transform, seeking for the success in the knowledge economy.

In the article authors present integrated changes management model in intelligent organization and integrated intelligent organization competencies model. These models provide how and with what instrumentality intelligent organization can successfully proceed in transforming economic space.


Intelligent organization; management model; competencies; organizational competencies.

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