Dusan Baran


The rise of costs caused by the advance in prices, the unstable economic situation and unsatisfying economic development as well as the more intricate problems and increased competition in home and foreign markets constitute only a small part of the above-mentioned problems. In order they could be solved successfully, the traditional modes of management applied in companies are insufficient. The new conceptions, instruments, methods and techniques leading to an increase in the return and financial strength of companies and also to the achievement of two most important objectives – profitability and liquidity - are more and more frequently used. It is just the liquidity and maintenance of the financial insolvency which become very often a threat for the Slovak companies in the period of the financial and economic crisis. An important instrument which helps entrepreneurs to solve the up-to-day problems and thereby to ensure their long-term existence is controlling.


management; controlling; price; costs; competitive, process, implementation; company; instruments; market.

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