Eva Tomaskova


The paper is focused on the determination of internal market orientation barriers. Market orientationis very important and topical, because of its influence on business performance. A lot of companies wouldlike to adapt market orientation approach, but adaptation of market orientation is not easy. It could be somespecific barriers to impede of application market orientation. These barriers are divided in three elementsalong to managers’ influence in internal, branch and external environment. A lot of barriers are connectedwith internal environment. The objective of the paper is to summarise and analyse internal barriers of marketorientation. The first results from the analysis show that important internal barriers are attitude of topmanagement and knowledge and skills of top management. Firm culture is the next one of the most oftenmentioned element connected with internal barriers of market orientation. Plan is to verify these barriers inrecent research project “Research on implementation on market orientation in Hi-Tech Firms” supported byGrant Agency of the Czech Republic (GA 402/07/1493).


market orientation; internal barriers; firm culture; management.

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