Jakub Soviar


This paper contains a basic data about Žilina Self-Governing Region. More importance has the cluster mapping project description. The first cluster mapping activity in the region was Žilina Innovation Policy – ZIP project. This runs within the 6th Framework Program of the EU and its main goal was: long-lasting activities bringing together R&D environment, business sector and the potential for innovation in Žilina region for continuous development. One of the main project results were the detailed analyses of innovation and cluster potential of the region. Paper author was also a member of the ZIP research team. This ends in defining the main clustering areas.

This paper informs about analysis of cluster potential in regional economy sectors, about the most attractive regional fields of clustering, about the basic cluster identification method and about the functional regional clusters.

Two fully functional clusters in the ICT and tourism industry areas were established from the cluster potential analysis. This was the direct result of the scientifically research activities of the ZIP team.


Cluster Žilina Self-Governing Region; Areas of clustering; Žilina Innovation Policy – ZIP project.

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