Ruslan Kovaliov, Vytautas Snieska, Arturas Simanavicius


Corporate social responsibility is an inevitable need of today. This is the general operating conditions for ensuring the long term. Corporate social responsibility is considered an essential condition for sustainable development. At this time, the popularity of CSR over the world are increasingly growing, so it is important to investigate the Lithuanian business approach to CSR, its impact on businesses. This article provided by companies engaged in autobusiness approach to CSR. The study showed that inhibits the evolution of CSR in Lithuania is that it increases the value of the company. Many companies surveyed do not know what is the social responsibility - the deadline for the first time they heard during the investigation. However, in the care of the environment, employees and stakeholders in the interest of a valid enterprise. Employees is very important to continuously improve the working environment, a greater focus on staff training, development and health and security.

The evaluation study of the results obtained, it can be said that Lithuania autobusiness companies on corporate social responsibility principles are not widely applied. Key challenges faced by the company to become more socially responsible, CSR is about the principles and benefits and lack of resources.


corporate social responsibility; autobusiness engaged in business

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Print ISSN: 1822-6515
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