Ruta Golubaviciute, Andrius Guzavicius


The topic of the educational organization competition creation and development is urgent in foreign literature. However this topic is new in Lithuania. The competition among educational organizations became actual only after the educational reform in 2008. The university must become competitive, stronger and more independent. The university is more often described as educational organization which must take into account the needs of society.

The articles analyzing social responsibility of the companies are often found in the studies, however the social responsibility of the universities are almost unmentioned. There are three different dimensions of the organizational social responsibility mentioned in the literature: I level – acceptance of the economic and legitimate obligations, II level – the reaction to the needs of society, III level – independent resolution of the social problems of society. The universities and other educational organizations are able to attain the highest level of social responsibility. In modern days universities are being stimulated to function in competitive environment paying attention to the competitiveness and needs of the society. Universities may not be able to maintain the highest level of socially responsible organization within strong competition.


organization; social responsibility; competition; university

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