Adele Astromskiene, Ruta Adamoniene


The article is prepared on the basis of the research on the development of enterprise social responsibility (ESR) initiatives in Lithuania. The object of the research – factors influencing ESR initiatives in Lithuania. The topicality of the theme of the research is grounded on the tendencies of strategic changes of commercial activity connected with the implementation of Global agreement principles.

The purpose of the article is to reveal factors influencing ESR initiatives when characterizing their influence upon the tendencies of commercial sector development.

The methodology of the research is grounded on the holistic approach towards ESR initiatives treating them as a constituent of the solid determined public system influenced not only by general globalisation factors but by the local ones as well. For the identification of factors influencing ESR initiatives the methods of phenomenography and phenomenology were used. For the naming of the significance of factors the methods of the filing, ranking and generalization of features were used.

The system of factors influencing the application of ESR principles in the activity and management of enterprises is presented in the article. Special systematic groups of the European business improvement model as well as their significance for the results of enterprise activity well as for the management of human resources are described in the article.


harmonious development; European Economic and Social Committee; ESR; social responsibility; valuables

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Print ISSN: 1822-6515
Online ISSN: 2029-9338