Erika Hancovska


The study is based on specific personal characteristics of managers, for instance, a relatively good choice of behavioural strategy and some practical studies as well as on phases of coping with difficult situations, appropriate and inappropriate ways of coping, coping styles focused on task, emotions and avoidance. Coping with difficult and stressful situations is today a broadly discussed topic among people from the professional public. The present study introduces our own research, experimental evaluation of working hypothesis, evaluation of research data and presentation of results. The aim is to analyse the relations between personal characteristics of managers and the use of coping strategies in difficult situations in management. The study also focuses on significant differences in the choice of selected coping strategies in connection with the basic socio-demographic characteristics of managers – sex and age. The results presented confirmed our assumption that statistically there are significant relations between sex and selected coping strategies in management. From the methodological point of view the research is based on the preparation and verification of original methods of the above mentioned topics. Each of the interviewed managers represented, in their own way, originality and provided our research original and unique results which are processed, evaluated and presented in tables and graphs.



stress factor; coping with stress; behavioural strategies; coping; behavioural adaptation

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