Kristina Zdanyte, Bronius Neverauskas


The environment in which organizations operate today is rapidly becoming more complex than ever before. Major shifts in technology and business and economic environment present many opportunities, but also many challenges to organizations striving to manage and thrive in the midst of great change. Organizations seek new areas for sustainable competitive advantage. Understanding of significance of sustainable development and its methodology can be used as important and contemporary instrument for progressive changes in organizations management.

The sustainable development is on the opposite side of the financial benefit and aim the long-term development of internal organizational competences, concern with the social administration of the employees and also the concern with the ecological impact of strategies carried out by the organization. The research that allowed recognizing the importance of sustainable development implementation methods and tools has shown that certification and culture of sustainable development could help implementing sustainable development ideology in the organization. The paper contributes to a better understanding that one of the most important tasks in the context of economic globalization is effective sustainable development management and its integration into the existing organization management system on the basis of system theory approach.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5755/j01.em.19.1.5737


sustainable development; sustainability assessment; contemporary organization; organization management

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