Asta Stulgiene, Ruta Ciutiene


Project teams are increasingly committed by organizations to achieve an important organizational goal as they attempt to survive and grow in dynamic business environment. Decisions making in simple tasks and issues are definite and explicit and enough to resolve them and make individual effort. Meanwhile, team work is useful when you need information, knowledge and skills in various fields. Various ideas and collaboration are necessary to achieve project objectives when decision of the problem is not clear.

The main purpose of the paper is to identify the determinants of collaboration in project teams. The literature analysis shows that the collaboration is defined in many different ways. There is no unified definition of the collaboration and understanding of the process of collaboration. However, collaboration, reduced to its simplest definition, means a relationship between two or more parties who work together towards common goals. The main principles of the team work are collaboration and listening to the other team member's opinion, recognition and mutual support. Trust, flexibility, communication, interaction, respect, resources, environment have been identified as success determinants of project team of collaboration.



collaboration; determinants; project team

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