Vytautas Dikcius, Eleonora Seimiene, Ermita Zaliene


Brand personality plays an important role in creating, developing and maintaining strong brands. The studies done in marketing and consumer behaviour field prove, that consumers prefer to choose brands that better suit their self-perception or even allow to express the ideal self. Previous researches also revealed that there is congruence between dimensions of human personality and brand personality. However, the question if consumer personality has impact on evaluation of brand personality still remains unanswered. Therefore, the main aim of this paper was to find out, whether consumers with particular personality traits are inclined to attribute the same traits to personality of brands. The study was done in Lithuania, researching brand personalities of cars. Research results revealed variety of matches between dimensions of human personality and brand personality, but showed that only in one case consumers were attributing the traits of their personality to brand: if respondents scored high on extraversion dimension they were inclined to attribute the same traits to brand personality and perceived the brand as exciting. Moreover, behaviour of people, who score high on neuroticism dimension, was also analysed.



consumer behaviour; brand personality; consumer personality

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Print ISSN: 1822-6515
Online ISSN: 2029-9338