Viktor Semenov


Today the important challenge in the evaluation of the competitiveness level in corporations is the definition of rational combination of technical and economic factors in the innovation process. The solution to this problem requires the evaluation of projects based on several criteria which reflect the efficiency, risk and financial stability. That is why it is necessary to apply a multi-criteria approach to the analysis and evaluation of innovations. To do a comprehensive multi-criteria evaluation of projects according to the system of relevant criteria it is advisable to use a complex of particular models followed by the multi-criteria optimization of the decision-making process. This implies a necessity for a multiple-model approach to the analysis of innovations. The use of such approaches to solving extreme problems during the innovation process management opens a possibility of the synergistic effect as a result of the implementation of tasks solved on a multi-purpose base. On the basis of the proposed mechanism, a system of indicators of evaluation of the competitiveness level was developed by a case study of the auto service business. On the basis of a computer modeling study in the concerned range of variation of input and control parameters, it is possible to determine their optimal combination, which, in addition to achieving the required quality of customer service will ensure the maximum profit.



innovation process; technical and economic factors; technological and economic efficiency; multi-criteria approach; multiple-model estimation

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