Iveta Simberova, Alena Kocmanova, Petr Nemecek


Paper is focused to the current questions regarding to the corporate governance inwardly the actual professional scientific sources. The aim of the paper is finding out key performance indicators as a base for the Corporate Governance Performance Measurement. The paper includes also theoretical and practical insight of corporate governance in the Czech Republic. Contemporary cognition implicates the fact, that the questions regarding to corporate governance are very actual especially in relation to another pillar – sustainability of success (long term viability). Conclusions of theoretical and empirical insights are summarized in several selected results of the research made that deal primarily with the identification main questions of the corporate governance in companies from selected sectors in Czech Republic. Corporate governance in the Czech Republic is such that companies are very reluctant to pass on good governance models, recommended by international standards and it often leads to reduced performance and competitiveness in the market compared to foreign companies. The rankings of competitiveness of Czech Republic are lagging behind and one of the causes is also the poor corporate governance practice. There is often criticized vague judiciary, lack of regulatory interventions; there are criticized links of municipalities with the private sector and rampant corruption. In connection with the results of research and the requirements of the OECD we establish amount of key indicators of Corporate Governance, which will be later processed via multi-factor analysis and measurement. The paper is written in the framework of research project “Construction of Methods for Multifactor Assessment of Company complex Performance in Selected Sector” supported by Grant Agency Czech Republic (GACR) Reg. Nr. P403/11/2085 “



corporate governance; key performance indicators; performance measurement; Czech Republic

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Print ISSN: 1822-6515
Online ISSN: 2029-9338