Rūta Čiutienė, Povilas Petrauskas


The article’s core goal is to analyze how coaching is useful in increasing company’s competiveness by management by objectives. The paper examines theoretical principles of management by objectives and possibilities to apply coaching as a tool to involve employees to seek the strategy of the organization. MBO processes and six implementation steps are presented. Theoretical analysis revealed that MBO can also be applied in public sector organizations. MBO is based on individual and organizational objectives integration. Organizations need modern and effective tools to identify different levels of objectives. Researchers are discussing if coaching is good to be used as a tool of management and MBO. Coaching can be used to identify and understand better the employees’ and organization’s objectives and expectations. Coaching can be viewed in various forms: performance coaching, executive coaching and alignment coaching. Theoretical findings on MBO and coaching demonstrate the importance and value of management by objectives, and the role of coaching as one of the effective means of development and implementation of organization’s competitiveness.



coaching; management by objectives; education institution

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