Milita Vienažindienė, Rūta Čiutienė, Rūta Adamonienė


Efficiency of public sector enterprises activity is a complex problem which requires complex decisions in public services. Successful public institutions have to improve their activity methods by integrating technologies of management and administration. Public institutions should remember principles of quality management as well as the importance of planning, organizing, and control and evaluation systems. One of the most important factors determining efficiency of institution’s activity is an employee. Only properly motivated employee can reveal own potential in full and to use his/her professional abilities to perform qualitative work in full. The paper aims to analyze activity of municipal administration, to identify efficiency determining factors and problematic areas of activity on base of public administration institutions management dimensions. Summarizing the results of the research the statement could be made that efficiency of analyzed municipal administration subdivisions activity is determined by both external and inner factors of organization’s environment. During the study some problems were determined related to subdivisions managers very increased work load and lack of skills for efficient organization of subordinates’ work, which could be solved by organizing trainings of management skills improvement for subdivisions managers.



public administration institution; activity evaluation; management

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Print ISSN: 1822-6515
Online ISSN: 2029-9338