Gabrielė Snieškienė


Export pricing decisions have an impact on various company’s indicators – profitability, market share, financial stability, its products competitiveness, sales income, etc. However, due to the complexity of pricing process, variety of affecting factors, the pricing problems receive relatively low interest of researchers. This is particularly true for export pricing decisions that are confronted with additional environmental factors.
Export pricing decisions are influenced by a large number of factors. It is not enough to have a fundamental knowledge of pricing, previous experience, and intuition. Export pricing decisions making requires a comprehensive analysis of factors influencing these decisions too. Detailed evaluation and adequate interpretation of influencing factors allows to increase the quality and efficiency of export pricing decisions.
The analysis of factors influencing export pricing decisions has been performed, emphasizing four groups of factors: macroeconomic factors, industrial market factors, firm and management factors, and product factors. The most significant factors of environment have been determined, and their possible effect on the export pricing decisions has been discussed in the article.



export pricing; macroeconomic factors; industrial market factors; firm and management factors; product factors; export experience

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