Irena Pekarskienė, Rozita Susnienė


The phenomenon of globalization and its impact on various areas of life are common subjects of scientific debate. In assessments of globalisation often carried out at an abstract theoretical level, there is little empirical data. The level of globalization in separate economic sectors and of impact of globalization on the development of industries are a new and under-studied phenomenon. All systematic studies of globalization evaluation are characterized by the use of different assessment components and factors are chosen using subjective criteria. Analysis, evaluation and application of research carried out and methodologies developed by foreign researchers, allow for an assessment the scope and perspectives of the globalization process in separate industries in the Baltic states.
Studied in the paper is the globalization level of separate industries of the Baltic countries during the period from 1996 to 2010 by using the globalization index proposed by S.J. Kobrin. Calculations of globalization indices of the surveyed industries in the Baltic countries showed that, during the studied time period, the level and the pace of globalization of the separate industries were different. However, comparing the trends in the globalization process of the surveyed industries, it appears that the economies of all three Baltic states are integrated into the global world economic system at a fairly high level and growth tendencies of the globalization level still remain in many industries.



globalization; globalization indices; industry globalization indices; the Baltic states

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