Daiva Laskienė, Irena Pekarskienė


The problem of the research. The main problem in Lithuanian and Latvian regions is low competitiveness, one of the ways to increase competitiveness is to facilitate cooperation between the businesses and improve the means of business growth promotion. In order to do that, the current situation regarding cooperation and business growth promotion should be determined, and this is the main problem we are trying to solve by conducting this survey.
The object of the research is cooperation in regions.
The purpose of the research is to research the state of Kaunas county organizations’ cooperation with Latvian business and to determine opportunities for such co-development.
The purpose is achieved by summarizing empirical research results of Kaunas county organisations. Questionnaire survey involved 153 Kaunas county organisations, the organizations were selected randomly.
The methodology of the research. Results collected during survey have been processed by Microsoft Excel and SPSS software packages. Descriptive and graphic methods have been used for analysis and assessment of the research results.
The results of the research enabled to determine the level of cooperation; find out the cooperation between certain branches of economic activity; determine the type of cooperation; evaluate the need for cooperation; find out the need for cooperation in various branches of economic activity; evaluate the sufficiency of information needed for conducting business across border; find out whether there is a need for language courses, translated information to facilitate cooperation; determine the need for information about business possibilities across the border.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5755/j01.em.17.3.2124


cross – border cooperation; competitiveness of the region

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